Our aim is to inspire teachers and make them feel more motivated and valued by their students and society as a whole, so that it encourages them to increase their performance as trainers and educators.

Why? Teachers are the main driver of students’ social mobility and may help any student becoming a better version of themselves.
How? Starting with young people, we aim to create a positive reference of what it means to be a teacher, as well as the impact they have on students (and in their future), people and society.
What? Through workshops in schools, we raise students’ awareness of the impact teachers have on their lives and challenge them to create inspiring content for teachers. At a second stage, this content is shared in school and on social and mass media.


“It wasn’t difficult for students to find examples of teachers who used to help them every day. And it wasn’t difficult for them to realize that this support deserved their recognition and gratitude. Students had fun and were creative, fun, welcoming, engaged and inspiring”


Catarina Neves

“I feel I earned so much by joining this project, mainly because I felt I took part in a small change regarding the way students perceive their teachers’ importance. This experience allowed me, as well, to develop a new perspective on education, students and teachers”


Mariana Barradas

“Inspire Your Teacher helped me realize that each student has an unlimited potential to inspire any teacher, no matter how demotivated or frustrated they might be. Thank you!”


João Brites

It´s an INSPIRING program in many ways: it inspires students, teachers, the whole school community and, above all, it inspired me! It inspired me as a person, as a teacher and as a professional! It’s a Young, Fun and Dynamic project, which approaches in a genial way a very serious subject: EDUCATION.”


Cátia Almeida


Know more and apply for the Inspire Your Teacher School Contest here.


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